Facebook Alternatives


The popular opinion is that EVERYONE is on Facebook. Even my grandma has a Facebook. But you know who doesn’t? Your kids.

Up until a few years ago Facebook was basically a societal rite of passage for teenagers. It was the go-to platform to connect, like, and share life with friends. Then came the major influx of parents and teachers getting on Facebook. After a few too many scandals, vague book posts gone viral, and incriminating photos, kids threw out Facebook and ran to other social networks that offered more “control”. Ready in the wings was the popular photo-sharing app Snapchat which “deletes” a photo 10 seconds after the recipient sees it. Following close behind were a few other messaging and anonymiz-ing apps, and before we knew it kids had evacuated Facebook. Yet somehow they are more connected than ever.

The concern with these apps is not so much their ability to connect our kids to the big wide world, but the intention for which these apps were created in the first place. Snapchat was created to be “consequentless”. Apps like Whisper were created to replace God and offer people a place to confess their dark secrets without any judgment. Most of these apps glorify the YOLO (you only live once) lifestyle and encourage people to engage in dangerous behavior because “no one will ever know”. Parents, you know the truth. God is not mocked, and we will have to give account of every word we speak (and picture we take) some day. First, I encourage you to get educated on what’s really going on. Then formulate a plan to work with your child or teen to help them navigate the world of social networking.

Instead of re-inventing the wheel, Generations of Virtue would like to highlight a popular article by Common Sense Media and encourage you to read through it for valuable information on the social networks your kids ARE using.

15 Apps and Websites Kids Are Heading to After Facebook

– Courtney Alberson

Author: Courtney Alberson

Courtney is Generation of Virtue’s lead solutions specialist. Which is a fancy way of saying she handles the team’s many IT needs and spends a lot of time in Photoshop. When she’s not finding solutions to problems, Courtney enjoys communicating God’s truth about love and relationships to teenagers and…drinking coffee.


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