What Does It Take To Plan A Generations Of Virtue international Trip?

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During our Generations of Virtue travels we have the privilege of meeting and talking to leaders, pastors, teachers, passionate parents, missionaries and just your average person who wants to see the next generation be successful in future relationships, marriage, and families. Because of the efforts of people who are passionate about seeing change in kids’ lives, new events in (sometimes) new nations come to fruition.  One of my greatest privileges is to see the behind the scenes hard work and planning that goes into each event. Watching the leaders who put so much time and effort into events for the benefit of other people gives me great joy.  Getting to know and develop relationships with these wonderful servants around the world is one of my favorite parts of our trips.


Not always does a trip have every detail planned out of where we are going to go, how we are going to get there, who is going and how we are going to pay for it.  But this is where faith comes in.  Following God and trusting Him to work out the details after you have already begun a journey is a whole new level of faith and leaves room for God to do His miracles. Time and again He has immensely built our faith on these trips.  When you don’t have every detail planned, there is room for divine appointments, spontaneous events and miraculous provision.

Hard Work

Our trips are hard work – there is no denying that.  Early flights, sleepless nights, back to back events and meetings from morning until night on some days. All this is worth it when you see the one parent who says “thank you for being here”, the one teen who says “thank you for being real”, the one child who smiles and gives you a hug just for telling them God made them for a purpose. Sometimes we only hear about the fruit later, from a leader or parent after the fact. In the end, all your hard work pays off – whether you see it in person or not.

Author: Sara Raley

As the COO and one of the founding team members of Generations of Virtue Sara oversees all of the tasks and details for the team. When Sara is not adding meetings to the calendar, sending emails, or finding new apps to make her life easier, she enjoys honing her race-car like driving skills and speaking to youth about following God on a grand adventure.


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