Dad – You Are Important!

fathers_involvementThe tears were very real and sincere. I had just finished speaking to 18 mothers at a private Christian school in Indonesia. Julie had asked me to share about the importance of a father’s engagement in the family. Before I could finish sharing all I had planned to share, I sensed the Lord nudging me to pray for the mothers in the room.

I prayed for their marriages, their husbands to be faithful when they travel on business trips, for the dads to love their wives and children in a deeper and real way. The tears and nods at the “Amen” were heartfelt in agreement. All over the world, as Julie and her team at Generations of Virtue minister in churches, schools and among families, Julie has me share on a dad’s involvement. The need for fathers is crying loudly out; men need to “man up” and be the father that the Lord has called us to be.

Following are some tips:

1. Be intentional about being a dad. Make time and space in your schedule to invest in your children. One-on-one, because each child is unique and their needs are different.

2. Multi-task! We do it at work and we can do it at home. I love a clean car, so I take a daughter with me to wash my car. I HAVE to have a haircut every three weeks, so this is a special time with another daughter. I go to the hardware store and buy bird food and gardening supplies, so I take another with me and we grab a hot dog out front afterward.

3. Pray every day or night for your family, wife, children and their future spouses. Julie and I pray every night that they will “love, serve and obey God forever and their spouses AND their children too!” I believe that you can pray a blessing over the generations to come!

4. Speak loving and encouraging words to your children every day! Say, “I love you!” Speak words of blessing to each child! In the Bible, it says that words have the power to bless or curse. As the spiritual leaders of the home, let’s speak blessings to our wives and children. You will see a difference as you speak blessings in your family!

Men, if you blow it, don’t beat yourself up or quit! Press through! Or as my friend Bishop Larry Jackson says, “PUSH! – or Pray Until Something Happens!”

The Lord forgives you and will answer your prayers for an extra measure of grace! And your wife and children will too. That’s love.

– Kay Hiramine

Author: Kay Hiramine

Kay Hiramine is a Kingdom businessman and ordained pastor. Kay speaks with his wife, Julie, and her Generations of Virtue ministry in over 17 nations.  Kay’s company – Catalyst Global, consults businesses and ministries around the world, including Integrity Music and David C Cook. When he’s not ministering, Kay enjoys a good meal in whatever country he happens to be in.


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