A Testimony of Hope

Image for Julies BlogIt is exciting to me how many times God uses Generations of Virtue to set people free.  We love to hear the testimonies of families where God is using our ministry!  Here is an encouraging testimony that I heard the other day in Jakarta, Indonesia.

A woman came up to me with her friend and through her friend translating she shared the heartbreak of having her 6 year old son find pornography on YouTube.  He not only found just one inappropriate video, but went back to look for more. This mom was so crushed that her young son had been exposed.  She was beside herself and did not know what to do or where to turn.  Her husband did not take this situation seriously, and this mom was crying out to God to help her with her son.

That day she ended up at the Generations of Virtue Parenting Seminar.  I spent time addressing what we do if our children are exposed to pornography, and what to do if they become addicted to it. Then her prayers were answered and she came to talk to me after the seminar and explain what had happened to her 6 year old. I told her 3 ways to respond to this situation:

•  I told her to go home and pray with him.  To bring anything that the darkness and the enemy had tried to hide in her family out into the open and into the light.
• I also told her how to use YouTube through a special children’s app.  This app is supposed to have only child-friendly media (that is true as of today, but I am not sure that that can be guaranteed forever. Your bet plan is to   oversee your children when they are on YouTube).
• I encouraged her to explain the birds and the bees to her son with an age appropriate book like The Wonderful Way Babies are Made.  Oftentimes when kids find pornography, it brings up a curiosity about sex. This is where parents need to step in and be the #1 source of information, instead of abdicating that role to the internet where perversion abounds.

I ran into this mom the following week at a different parenting talk I was giving at a school.  She came to me with a smile and said, “I did what you suggested, and it really worked!  I mean it really, really worked!  And now our family is so happy again.  Thank you so much!”

Praise God that parents around the world are bringing the light of the Kingdom of God into their families even though the enemy is trying to rob, steal and destroy.  Be encouraged that even though this world is getting darker, the light of God can be bright in the midst of our families.

– Julie Hiramine

Author: Julie Hiramine

Julie is the founder and executive director of Generations of Virtue. A mother of five, author and dedicated ministry leader, Julie’s heart is to equip parents to empower their children to live pure lifestyles in today’s world.


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