My Family has a destiny?

Have you ever stopped to think much about your destiny? Have you ever wondered why God has placed you in the life you’re in? Often when life gets busy, we forget that our lives have a much deeper purpose set by God than we realize. God has placed each one of us on this earth for a reason. That’s a powerful and humbling thought!

While I’ve heard my share of sermons on my destiny; I recall hearing very few (if any..) on the destiny of my family. So it’s a novel thought when I stop and consider that not only was I put on this earth by God for a reason – but my family was also. Have you ever considered that? This concept has seriously changed the way I parent, and even the way I view my family as a whole.

Fred Stoeker (Bottom right) and his family

One of our Reconnect Weekend speakers is Fred Stoeker. I first heard him speak on family destiny when he joined our team at a church in Jakarta, Indonesia, last fall. I sat intently listening to his message, and was amazed at the wisdom he imparted to all in attendance. When it came time for him to wrap up, he invited everyone to the altar so he could pray for them and their families. As I watched the entire church walk to the front for prayer, I knew that God was moving. I’m so excited for those of you joining us at our conferences, to receive a vision from God for their family.

Hope to see your family there!


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